How Can You Financially Benefit from the Products and Services of ACN?

The North American-based company, ACN (American Communications Network) offers a huge array of products to more than 20 countries in various parts of the world. The products and services of ACN are classified into two: residential and business.

Residential products include the following:

ACN_Products_blank_1024-768x445• Home phone service –

This service of ACN allows you to make local and long distance calls using the high-speed internet connection and existing home phone.


• Internet – ACN offers a high-speed internet connection via the world’s premier internet service providers like AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink.

• Wireless service – It is a phone plan that you can convert into a family plan. You have three pricing options and each come with unique features. You get to choose the one that best suits your calling habit. • Energy – ACN provides natural gas. Customers have two options: to go fixed or variable.

The fixed price means that your bill is the same throughout the term of your service. On the other hand, the variable plan means that your monthly fee goes up and down depending on your energy consumption. Should you want to switch to fixed rate, you can do so anytime.

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• Satellite television – ACN has partnered with Dish Network and DirecTV, the major cable provider in America.
• Home security and automation – ACN have partnered with the best home security company in the world, Vivint home security.

This service provides peace of mind with its wireless security and 24/7 surveillance video recording. You can receive notifications about the status of your home anywhere and anytime.

Business Products

Business services include those mentioned in the residential service plus the addition of Anovia payment and processing. It is a credit card payment processing service that enables you to access all payment types (credit, debit, e-checks, gift cards, and e-commerce). There are other add-on features and it is up to you to choose the features that best suit the needs of your business.

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The financial advantage offered by ACN

The compensation package offered by ACN is better than other multi-level marketing companies.

A lot of people want to become an independent business owner because of the promising compensation plan of ACN. The company pays you in three ways:
1. Personal residual income – The customers you personally acquire entitles you for a commission.

Depending on the price of the availed products or services, you can earn up to 8% total commissions.
2. Team residual – You will earn commission from the people that join your team. If you form your team, you will be at the top level. You need to fill all seven level. The people you personally recruited stay on the first level.

They will then recruit more people to fill in the subsequent level. Every time the people below you make sales, you get to earn a percentage of the total sale. In other words, you will still make money without you doing all the work.Just make sure that the people comprising your team are doers.

3. Customer acquisition bonus – Every time you recruit new independent business owner, the company will pay you a one-time upfront bonus. The company offers a generous commission for customer acquisition. You can receive anywhere from $90 to $275. The more people you recruit the higher the bonus will be.

The American Communications Network (ACN Inc.) provides a great business opportunity to people from all walks of life.


Even if you don’t want to become an independent business owner, you can still save money from availing ACN’s products and services. The competitive pricing and high-quality products and services offer better value for your hard-earned money.


With over two decades in the business, ACN has successfully positioned itself as the leading multi-level marketing company in the world. See more information here about ACN